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Biography of Nicholas Ryan “Nick” Smarr by Janice and Danny Smarr


Nicholas Ryan “Nick” Smarr was born April 5, 1991, in Sumter County, Georgia, to Janice L. Smarr and Danny Lee Smarr.  Nick was the third of four children. Nick had two sisters, Chesley and Tiffany, and one brother, Cameron Smarr.


Nick attended school in the Sumter County School System from kindergarten thru high school. Nick graduated from Americus Sumter High School in 2009.


At the age of seven, Nick played baseball and football for Sumter County Recreation Department until he entered high school. In high school, Nick played 2 years on the Americus Panthers Junior Varsity Baseball Team and 2 years with the Varsity Team. Nick's favorite pro teams were the Braves and Falcons.


Nick grew up on Watermelon Road, Andersonville, Georgia, where he lived until he turned 18 in 2009. Nick then moved from Andersonville to Americus where he lived with friends, the group he called “The Bros”.


Nicks first job was at the movie theater in Americus, where he worked with his best friend and one of “The Bros”, Jody Smith.


In 2011, Nick and Jody moved to Telfair County and worked for Jody’s father who was Sheriff of Telfair County. Nick and Jody both worked in the Telfair County Jail as Detention Officers. In 2012, Nick and Jody attended and graduated from the Georgia Police Academy, located on the ABAC campus, Tifton, Georgia, on December 7, 2012.

On January 1, 2013, both Nick and Jody moved back to Americus and started working with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office as Deputies. Nick’s badge number was 443.


In August of 2014, Nick joined the United States Marine Corps Reserves. Nick graduated from Boot Camp in Paris Island on November 7, 2014. Nick looked sharp in is uniform and he was very proud to serve his country.


Nick then left the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office and worked as a patrol officer with the Vienna Police Department for a short time before going to work for the Americus Police Department in 2014.


In March of 2015, Nick met the love of his life, sweet and pretty, Rachel Harrod. Nick told his mother that he loved Rachel with all his heart and that one day he would marry her.


Nick also loved his best friend, his bro, Jody Smith. On the morning of December 7, 2016, Nick was dispatched to a domestic disturbance on the Southside of Americus. Jody heard the call and drove to backup Nick. When these two brothers arrived, a foot chase ensued and a career criminal with a 32-page rap sheet murdered them both.


With his last breath, Nick tried to breathe life into Jody. Nick’s last words were, “Hang on Jody, I got you man. Hang on, I got you”. Nick Smarr’s body was found on top of his friend Jody Smith.


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